Susie Hodder-Williams

Her love of music ranges from the more traditional classical repertoire to contemporary music and techniques; the use of breath, so unique to the flute, Japanese contemporary music, and, enthused by the landscape of Dartmoor, how music connects with the land and how the flute has been used in folklore.

After University and music college, she studied energy medicine at the Lakeland College and is now inspired by how music is used and can be developed in the world of healing.

Susie Hodder-WilliamsMusic for meditation.

"Music like this reaches places in the soul that cannot be accessed in any other way."

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Three Meditations

Three Meditations

Susie Hodder-Williams (2013)
Three flute meditations to take you into a deep place of relaxation and inner calm, accompanied by soothing sounds of gamelan.
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The Tao of Homeopathy

The Tao of Homeopathy

Susie Hodder-Williams (2012)
A meditative CD with subtle flavours of flute and gamelan accompanying a reading by Ian Watson, the author of the Tao of Homeopathy exploring the philosophies and practices of homeopathy and Taoism.
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The Tao
IAN WATSON & SUSIE HODDER-WILLIAMS + CHRIS CALDWELL - The Tao Of Homeopathy [2 CD set] (FMR 323; UK) Susie Hodder-Williams on flutes, piccolo, gamelan & Tibetan singing bowl and Ian Watson - voice & texts with Chris Caldwell on soprano sax (for three tracks). Ms. Hodder-Williams and Mr. Caldwell have a couple of previous discs on the FMR label and have played here at DMG in the summer of 2011. Mr. Watson is featured on this disc reading calmly from his own texts about the Tao and homeopathy. Ms. Hodder-Williams provides occasional accompaniment mostly with here flutes as well as a bit gamelan and singing bowl. Mr. Watson speaks slowly and has a pleasant voice, making it easier to consider all of the things he talks about. What he says makes sense and gives us a chance to think about his different points or ideas. These two discs sound like they would help us to meditate, calming us down and helping to focus our attention on ideas to help us think more clearly. That pause for thought does help in the middle of our regularly stress-filled days.
27/04/2012 Downtown Music Gallery, New York Bruce Lee Gallanter