Blue Concerts

Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell

Music for the Mind

Blue ConcertsAn opportunity to take time out and return to a place of calmness whilst listening to the ambient and meditative music of Susie Hodder-Williams, Jerry Crozier-Cole & Chris Caldwell

“it was an incredible experience and a chance to take a small chunk of a busy day and just listen to sounds that sent shivers down my spine”

“a perfect refuge from the hustle” Radio NZ

“beautiful, transcendent music to lift the heart”

“mesmerising, deeply moving, joyous, nourishment for the soul”

“uplifting, sublime”

“meditative and enriching”

“It was like hearing colour move, the flute was blue and purple, the guitar like water moving. I floated off into a deep meditation”