Coracle of Life
Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell

The British artist and sculptor André Wallace invited us to create a musical underscore for his two month exhibition ‘Voyage’ which premièred at Poole Museum in the autumn of 2018. This project ‘Coracle of Life’ is the our response to André’s sculptures and drawings.

The Sound Within
Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell with Trevor Taylor

Improvisations inspired by revolutionary artists and composers from the trio, Unlimited

Mariner's Way
Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell

As heard on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction. A combination of improvisations and duets using gamelan, singing bowl, flute, alto flute, bass flute, soprano saxophone and bass clarinet, exploring the mythical journey of the mariner, traveling across Dartmoor, on the ancient track known as the Mariner's Way.

Northern Lights
Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell with Graham Roberts

**** 'utterly captivating' The Independent. Northern Lights is the title of our CD featuring the music of the international composer Steve Goss. It is now recorded and was released on May 1st 2011 on the FMR label. 'bristling from the subtle side of things' Downtown Music Gallery, New York. This CD includes The Sea of the Edge for solo flute

The Tao
Susie Hodder-Williams & Chris Caldwell

This is a special collaboration between us and Ian Watson. Subtle flavours of the flute and gamelan accompany a reading by Ian Watson, the author of The Tao of Homeopathy.

Three Meditations
Susie Hodder-Williams

Meditative music for the soul